Dr. Ronen Manosov

Dr. Ronen Masosov

Dr. Ronen Manosov’s passion for dentistry has been deeply embedded in his DNA, as he comes from a long line of dentists, including his grandfather, mother, sister and uncle. He was born into a Russian family, living in Israel, which eventually immigrated to the United States. Continuing on his global trajectory, Dr. Manosov spent six years living in Mexico, where he obtained his DDS degree from the CDA accredited University De La Salle Bajio and mastered his fourth foreign language. His international experience and knowledge of Spanish, English, Russian and Hebrew have fueled his passion for multicultural patient care.

Dr. Manosov’s strong desire to help others, coupled with his exceptional attention to detail, has contributed to his ability to provide the best patient experience. He emphasizes the importance of patient education, and will take the time to ensure patients are comfortable with his treatment plans. As an advocate for holistic physical health, Dr. Manosov invests a great deal of time into his own health and fitness, which are at the top of his long list of interests, along with travel, photography and comedy.