Experience Same-Day Restoration with CEREC Crown in San Jose

Say goodbye to multiple dental visits and temporary restorations. At Pannu Dental Group, we offer the latest in dental technology with CEREC. This revolutionary system allows our team of dental specialists to restore your smile’s strength and beauty in a single appointment.

Discover the CEREC Difference

CEREC stands for Chairside, Economical, Restorations, Esthetic, Ceramic—an acronym that encapsulates the technology’s key benefits:

Chairside: Experience treatment right in the dental chair.

Economical: A cost-effective solution for both dentist and patient.

Restorations: Your tooth is restored to its natural strength and beauty.

Esthetic: Metal-free, tooth-colored restorations.

Ceramic: High-strength ceramics closely match your natural tooth structure.

With CEREC, you enjoy the highest quality, most lifelike dental restorations in a single visit. No more waiting—get back to your busy life with a radiant, fully restored smile.

No temporary restorations, no return visits—just a beautifully restored tooth in one appointment!

The CEREC Procedure


Exam and Preparation

Our skilled dentists assess your tooth’s condition and determine the necessary treatment, whether it’s a simple filling or a full crown. An anesthetic is administered, and the damaged tooth tissue is expertly removed, just as in other restorative procedures.


Optical Impression

No more messy impression trays! We coat your tooth with a tasteless powder and use a camera to capture a digital image. This quick and comfortable process takes only minutes.


No Temporaries

CEREC’s 3D software creates a virtual model of your restoration. Our dentists design it on-screen, and within minutes, it’s sent to our in-office milling machine. There, a ceramic block matching your tooth shade is shaped into your customized, tooth-colored restoration. We then ensure a proper fit and bite before bonding it in place.

Experience CEREC at Pannu Dental Group

At Pannu Dental Group, we harness the power of CEREC to provide an array of exceptional dental solutions in a single visit. Here are some of the services we can provide using this cutting-edge technology:

  • CEREC Inlay and Onlay Restoration
  • CEREC Crowns
  • CEREC Veneers
  • Multiple Restorations Made Simple

Discover the convenience and excellence of CEREC at Pannu Dental Group

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