Denture Care & Maintenance

Preserving Your Investment

Your dentures are not just prosthetics. They’re an investment in your oral health and well-being. To ensure they perform optimally and provide you with the best possible comfort, it’s essential to care for and maintain them properly. Here’s how we can help.

Medical and Dental History Update

Maintaining an up-to-date medical and dental history is critical for your oral health. Significant changes in your health can affect the fitting and function of your dentures. Our team will work with you to keep this information current, ensuring your dentures continue to suit your needs.

Annual Oral Exam

Regular annual examinations play a crucial role in spotting any oral abnormalities, including potentially cancerous or pre-cancerous lesions. Early detection is key to effective treatment and maintaining your oral health.

Tissue and Bone Assessment

Ill-fitting dentures can lead to changes in your bone and oral tissues, affecting your oral health. Our practice can assess your situation and recommend personalized solutions to address these changes.

Comfort, Fit, and Denture Integrity

If your dentures don’t fit properly, it can cause discomfort, speech impediments, and tissue irritations. Leaving these issues unaddressed can lead to more complicated problems in the future. Our dentists will assess your dentures for any cracks, chips, or loose teeth and recommend appropriate solutions.

Denture Exam Overview

Here’s what to expect from our comprehensive exams:

  • Updates to your medical and dental history
  • An examination of your oral cavity
  • Assessment of your bone and soft tissues
  • Examination of denture stability and bite
  • Cleaning and polishing of your dentures
  • Review necessary oral hygiene practices

Rebasing may be recommended if the teeth in your denture are in good condition, and it’s primarily the denture base material that requires replacement.

This process involves replacing the entire acrylic denture base while retaining the denture teeth. It’s a suitable option when your denture is old, cracked, or worn.

Reasons for a rebase procedure
  • A broken or damaged denture
  • An old or weakened pink dentures base
  • Replacement of an immediate dentures

Denture damage can occur due to various circumstances and should be addressed promptly. Repairs can restore a fractured or damaged denture to its original condition.

At Pannu Dental Group, we often provide same-day denture repair procedures. Our dentists will assess the damage and recommend necessary steps to prevent further breakage.

Your dentures are a valuable part of your oral health, and we're here to ensure they continue to serve you effectively.

Contact us today for denture care and maintenance to preserve your investment and maintain your oral well-being.

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