Meet Us

For adults, teenagers, children and seniors, we are the friendly, reliable dentists you’ve been looking for! And we are very honored you’ve come to visit our online neighborhood clinic and consider all we have to provide you in dental and oral hygiene services.

First off, I didn’t exaggerate about the warmth and friendliness of our office. It’s true. Really! The place is so laid back, comfortable and relaxed that a lot of our patients can’t wait for their appointments and come to visit us. Also really!

Okay, we know that going to the dentist can be stressful. But here at the Pannu Dental Care we also know how to make the whole experience pretty stress-free, so you find your every visit/treatment here a comfortable, completely safe and relaxed one.

Our business is not only restoring smiles, but also giving you lots to smile about! And every time you come to visit us you will feel like smiling, I promise you. I can’t stop smiling just thinking about doing this for you!

Of course, giving you a dazzling, radiant new smile isn’t the only thing we do. A smile makeover is important, of course. VERY OF COURSE! And teeth do play a major role in appearance and making an impression. So this is something I know you know.

But good teeth are vital to eating, digestion and your overall health. Plus the sense of well-being and self-confidence from having strong, nice teeth is the kind of happiness we like our patients to feel. Like, for always!

It’s the quality service we provide and guarantee, along with the fun, friendly office you will enjoy visiting and resting your feet in! But there’s so much more to smile about. Let me tell you all about it. For all of it can change your life in a big, important and positive way. In a really, really positive way. And for the rest of your life!

Now I want you to know that we are a full-service dental practice. And we possess the most up-to-date, advanced technology and equipment known to modern dentistry science anywhere on planet earth. I mean, I hate to brag about these things, but you deserve to know everything we have and can do for you. And will! At very good prices, too, I might add.

We provide a complete array of Orthodontic treatments and procedures, and have the highest rating for this service. It includes giving you the most advanced technology now available. And that is the remarkable Invisalign invisible braces. Truly, an investment in Invisalign for your child is an investment in your child’s future equal to a college education and a lifetime of good health and happiness.

We can change the way you feel about yourself in a really great way. And do it with any of the many teeth whitening methods we employ here at the clinic. You deserve to have an incredible smile and happy disposition. Our product line of Lumineers and Porcelain veneers can do this for you. And in only a few days and treatments. Come get your wonderful radiant smile! We’ll give you a permanent one!

It’s all really quite easy to give you. And more painless than you can imagine. My staff and I are caring, gentle-touching, sensitive doctors and dental surgeons. Not just a recognized leader in the dental technology and basic dental care industries, but professional healthcare providers who have received the highest ratings for providing safe, reliable, unimpeachable service and care to every single individual who steps into our dental clinic.

We want to continue to enjoy such success. And for this to happen we want you to step into our friendly, caring dental clinic and give us a try. Or at least stop by for a fun visit, a cup of coffee and to listen to some beautifully relaxing music and enjoy a warm chat with some of the nicest people and dental technicians in the whole world.

Come meet us and see that we are for real and really do care about you and every person we get to treat and come to know. We have a play area for the kids, Foot massage chairs to lounge in, movies to watch or lovely music to listen to. And also senior discounts and a firm handshake to guarantee the highest quality service to you. Always. This you can take to the bank!

Matter of fact, a steaming pot of delicious coffee is brewing at this very moment! Shall I pour you a cup and order us some sandwiches or bran muffins? Yes?

Well, drop on by! And let me warm your heart, improve your health and life, and make you smile. It’s contagious around here at the Pannu Dental Care, you know. Smiling, that is. And also helping people to smile better and constantly! So, what you waiting for? Come on over and join in! We really want to meet you.