What to Expect from Robot-Assisted Dental Implant Surgery

dental assisted dental implant surgery
December 19, 2023

Though dental implants are not necessarily new, the tools experienced and cutting-edge dentists use to perform this procedure have advanced by miles in recent years.  

Today, the top practitioners in the world are taking advantage of using robots in dentistry. Moreover, they are using robot implant surgery to make the common dental implant procedure safer, more effective, and more comfortable for patients across the board. 

There is a wide range of benefits to enlisting robotics in dental implants. The technology that powers this procedure is state-of -the -art and thoroughly tested to ensure the best experience possible.  

 Let’s learn more about what to expect from robot-assisted dental surgery and how the Yomi dental implant robot is revolutionizing enhanced care and comfort, one patient at a time. 

What is Dental Implant Surgery, and When are Dental Implants Required? 

Dental implants are tiny titanium posts strategically placed into the jawbone at the site of missing or severely damaged teeth that need to be extracted. Over time, the bone naturally bonds with the titanium, creating a solid foundation for artificial but natural looking teeth that can last a lifetime. 

Dental implants can almost instantly restore a smile and self-confidence. However, their value goes well beyond aesthetic benefits alone. Dental implants can preserve the facial structure and prevent bone deterioration that often occurs when teeth are missing or damaged. Also, they allow patients to eat a wide variety of foods, improve patients’ speech, and effectively mitigate any future oral health issues. 

Your oral surgeon may recommend dental implants if you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth or if tooth loss is likely in the future. Dental implants are a permanent fix to your smile and your health. A consultation with a dental implant specialist is required to see if dental implants are the right solution for your unique oral health needs. Therefore, the dental implant procedure typically involves two minimally invasive surgical phases for most patients.  

How Does the Dental Implant Procedure Work? 

  • Phase 1: During the initial phase, dental implants are surgically positioned within a patient’s jawbone, just beneath the surface of the gums. They stay in place for 3-6 months to foster gradual but comfortable bonding with the jawbone 
  • Phase 2: Once the dental implants have fully bonded, your oral surgeon will attach a small healing collar to the implants. This allows new and natural teeth to be created and installed. After impressions, the replacement teeth are linked to the posts or attachments in the dental implants. The entire process may take around 6-8 months from start to finish. However, it does not interrupt a patient’s everyday routine or ability to enjoy life as usual. 

How Do Robotics Play a Role in Dental Implant Surgery? 

When it comes to robotic-assisted dental implant surgery, the general procedure is the same, but the tools used to conduct the procedure are much more advanced. 

At Pannu Dental Group, we use the Yomi dental implant system to provide the best care possible during the procedure, which makes the process easier and more effective from start to finish. 

The YOMI Robotic Device for Dental Implants 

Introduced in 2016 and tested extensively across dental schools and dental practices around the globe, Yomi is the first and only FDA-cleared robotic system for dental surgery. The robotic system essentially assists experienced oral surgeons, guiding the multiple phases of dental implant placement. 

Yomi ensures the procedure is conducted perfectly at every step, with invaluable, real-time information that helps guide the oral surgeon. The Yomi robot uses multi-sensory feedback, haptic guidance, and on the spot and comprehensive images and data. Though not a replacement for the skills of a top oral surgeon, Yomi serves as a valuable resource to ensure a safe procedure. Additionally, it provides data, images, and tracking that was never available to clinicians until recently.   

Some Questions to Ask Your Dentist About Dental Implants 

Because dental implants can initially seem like a big endeavor, and because robotic-assisted dental surgery is a relatively new advancement, it’s understandable that many patients are a little hesitant about getting into the dentist’s chair. 

So, for your peace of mind, start the dental implant process by asking these questions during your initial consultation.  

How many robot-assisted procedures have you performed?

A great oral surgeon will have years of experience performing this minimally invasive procedure. 

Am I a good candidate for robot-assisted dental surgery?

Your oral surgeon should always start with a consultation.  Then, they will explain all the options available to you, and their potential benefits and/or disadvantages. 

How long does the procedure typically take?

Your oral surgeon should be able to walk you through every step of the process. Also, you will learn what to expect along the way in terms of discomfort and recovery time. 

What can I expect during the recovery period after robot-assisted dental surgery?

While robotic-assisted surgery has been shown to minimize recovery time, your oral surgeon should give you guidelines on what to expect after the procedure. You will also learn what steps you should take to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. 

How do I maintain my dental implants post-surgery?

Again, your oral surgeon should give you complete guidance on ensuring your dental implants remain as beautiful as the day they are added to your smile. Upkeep is typically minimal and requires the same effort as taking care of natural teeth.   

Pannu Dental Group is the First and Only Dental Practice in San Jose to Perform Robot-assisted Implant Surgery 

When it comes to Bay Area dental implants, Pannu Dental Group is your best resource for exceptional care and comfort every step of the way.  

At Pannu Dental Group, we have a highly skilled team dedicated to providing excellent dental care services to our clients. We utilize modern tools and technology to perform the best dental implant procedures possible. Our expertise in all aspects of dentistry is second to none, especially with dental implants. We focus on maintaining the highest level of professionalism and client satisfaction.  

Reach out to us today to schedule your consultation and learn more about robotic-assisted dental implants. With Pannu Dental Group at your side, a comfortable, stress-free, and life-changing dental implant procedure is seamlessly within reach.  

Schedule an appointment today.  


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