Yomi Dental Robot for Implants – The Future of Dentistry

yomi robot for dental imiplants

Implant dentistry is considered the second oldest dental profession, as it technically dates back to the Mayans of around 600 AD, according to a study published in the National Library of Medicine. However, it has only been in recent years that the use of robotics in dental implants has truly made revolutionary advancements for prestigious dental service providers and their patients. 

Dental implants have always had several advantages over conventional fixed partial dentures. This includes a success rate of 97% over a 10 year period, a decreased risk of cavities and endodontic problems of adjacent teeth, and decreased sensitivity of adjacent teeth.  However, the use of robots in dentistry is not necessarily new. Robotics have been used for several decades for a range of procedures, including drilling, tooth-crown preparation, orthodontic archwire-bending, and many more standard practices, resulting in more effective and efficient operations across the board. 

Robotics in Dental Implants is a New Evolution in Dentistry 

Yomi dental implants represent the next generation of utilizing robotics in dentistry, with unparalleled results. Let’s explore the benefits of dental implants with this streamlining experience that provides superior results.  

What is the Yomi Dental Robot? 

The Yomi implant robot is an advanced robotic system that Neocis developed. It is the first and only surgical robotics company in the dental realm.  

The robot Yomi is at the forefront of technological improvements in dentistry. It was the first FDA-approved surgical robot, a milestone that occurred in 2016. Since then, the Yomi robot has been utilized in top-rated dental practices and dental schools around the country.  This advanced technology provides an innovative way to treat patients while educating students on the next generation of dental care. 

The Technology Behind Yomi – How Does the Yomi Robotic Dental Implant Process Work? 

Yomi is a computerized robotic navigational system that assists professional clinicians during the preoperative and intraoperative phases of dental implantation surgery. The Yomi robotics system consists of a robotic arm, which the clinician operator always guides. All data is tracked in real-time, like a GPS, with essential information provided during every step of the procedure.  

Through haptic feedback, audio cues, and detailed visualization of the procedure, Yomi allows doctors to place implants with unmatched accuracy and precision. 

The Advantages of Yomi in Dental Implants 

There are a range of benefits to the singular Yomi implant robot. So, when it comes to Bay Area dental implants, Pannu Dental Group is the only organization to offer this advanced technology. A sample of the advantages of the Yomi robotic dental implant system combined with exceptional care is as follows.  

Precision and Accuracy   

Since the Yomi implant robot’s exceptional guidance, data collection, and continual feedback, every procedure is streamlined and orchestrated perfectly, without room for human error. A more precise placement leads to greater success and a better fit immediately after the procedure and well into the future. 

Minimally Invasive Procedures  

Unlike freehand or other semi-guided techniques, the Yomi dental implant process is a minimally invasive procedure. By simplifying the process, patients will enjoy better results and more comfort from start to finish.  

Reduced Surgery Time and Improved Patient Recovery 

One of the most heralded benefits we hear from our patients is that Yomi provides less time in the dentist’s chair. Again, because robotics provides a minimally invasive procedure, the result is less discomfort and bleeding, same-day surgery, and a much faster recovery time once the procedure is complete.  

While dental implants provide a lifetime of confident smiles, it’s understandable that patients can feel uneasy about the unknown. Some patients may also worry about pain or hurdles during or after the dental implant process. With Yomi, these concerns are eliminated, as patients can enjoy peace of mind the procedure is safe, minimizes discomfort, and leads to a faster recovery. 

A Better Experience for Patients 

Bear in mind that Yomi is not a stand-alone alternative for the exceptional care that a clinician can provide. Instead, it works hand-in-hand with your doctor to create a more effective and more streamlined operation from start to finish. Simply put, combining a trusted and exceptional dental group with the most innovative technology leads to the best results. Innovation and patient-centered care are the cornerstones of providing the best experience possible, both at the office and years after the procedure.   

What is the Future of Dental Robotics and Yomi? 

The use of robotics in dentistry is constantly evolving, and robot-assisted surgery is rapidly becoming the standard of care that dental offices around the globe aim to reach. With the assistance of Neocis and the Yomi machine, dental students at universities around the world are training these new tools for faster and better procedures. Additionally, these innovations have become the new benchmark for dentistry. 

In essence, in the next several decades, robotics in dentistry –especially the Yomi dental implant machine – will become the benchmark and the norm as the next generation of dentists are trained to utilize these machines. In the meantime, a selection of dental implant specialists on the cutting edge of these technological advancements provides these tools today at certain locales around the country and the world. 

Pannu Dental Group is the First and Only Dental Practice in San Jose that Uses the Yomi Robot  for Dental Implant Surgery 

When it comes to dental implants, San Jose-based Pannu Dental Group has always been a leader in Bay Area dentistry. We have an exceptional team of patient-focused specialists, led by the visionary leadership of Dr. Dalvir Pannu and the expertise of Dr. Jaspreet Dheri.  

However, the addition of the Yomi robotic implant system has brought a new level of innovation and service to our commitment to our patients’ oral health. 

Our dental experts focus on providing the best experience possible to our patients, and that begins with ensuring we are on the frontlines of the technology that excels in our ability to provide personalized treatments and care. Reach out to our Yomi Implant Coordinator today. Let’s discuss more about this revolutionary new process that will lead to a better experience and a better lifelong smile. The future of dental implant procedures is here with Pannu Dental.  

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