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Invisalign Clear Braces – Livermore

In-office Testimonials

Roger Craig

Roger Craig and Dr. Pannu

“Dr. Pannu and Staff – You run a first class operation… It’s great to be on your Team!” – Roger Craig, Super Bowl Champ, Former NFL Running Back, Ex 49er.

Harina, San Jose CA


Dr. Pannu is an extraordinary doctor. He is very efficient with his practice. I wouldn’t change my doctor for anything. – Harina, San Jose

Parvati Melton


Parvati Melton is an Indian model and a Telugu Movie star. She acted with Raja in the film Vennela, which turned out to be a success. Now she is popular in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam Movies.
Thanks to Dr. Pannu all my wishes and dreams came true. I used to be afraid to smile. Earlier, in all my photos I never showed my teeth, but with the help of Dr. Pannu’s cosmetic dentistry and invisalign, I have gained the confidence I needed to achieve all my dreams and goals by becoming Miss Teen India Bay Area 2004 and Miss Indiva Le VisageĀ® 2005 USA. I have now changed as a person and I am not afraid to smile anymore. I am truly thankful to Dr. Pannu. – Parvati, Telugu Movie Star and Miss Indiva Le VisageĀ® 2005 USA.


Shana Dhillon

After having gotten teeth whitening from Dr. Pannu, I am more willing than ever to show off my sparkling smile. I am so glad that I decided to go with Dr. Pannu for this treatment because he made the experience much less painful than it would have been otherwise, and kept me entertained with his jokes throughout the procedure. Thank you, to Dr. Pannu and his staff for giving me my winning smile! – Shana Dhillon, Miss Asia USA 4th Runner-up.

Courtney, San Jose CA


“I am so happy the way my lumineers look. They look so natural” – Courtney, San Jose


“Good performance by all dental technicians, this must be a family oriented practice. Have not had this type of dental care in several years and I am 79 and still going strong. Keep up the the good work”.

Ujjwala, DDS

“I have a great smile but I wanted it to be perfect and Invisalign helped me to get that. I was working with Dr. Dalvir Pannu when I first came to know about the invisalign in the clinic and I was thrilled. Invisalign is very convenient, painless and esthetic treatment unlike the braces which you have to wear all the time. I could take them out while brushing, eating and drinking and they are very easy to clean. I finished my treatment under the excellent supervision of Dr Pannu and got the perfect smile within a span of one year. Now I feel more confident.”~ Thanks to Invisalign and Dr Pannu.


My invisalign treatment is doing well. I am in the beginning of my 7th week and I already notice a difference in my smile. People that I interact with don’t notice that I am wearing braces on my teeth. If I could not get invisalign, I would not have gotten traditional orthodontic treatment. One of the things that I really liked was the ability to see how my teeth will look after the treatment, even before starting.


I am six weeks short of completion of my invisalign treatment and have found the treatment to be a great success. It truly is invisible yet has produced remarkable results. The personal commitment involved in wearing it 20-22 hrs a day is well worth the payback and it does get easier as it goes on. Many thanks, Dr. Pannu.

Sze Ying

“I enjoy the Invisalign treatment. I had it on for just six months and I can already tell the difference. I enjoy that I can have beautiful teeth without a long and difficult wire treatment. I love Dr. Pannu’s excellent and professional service.”


I was very satisified with the level of professionalism of Dr. Pannu’s staff. Every procedure was explained throughly and I felt very comfortable with treatment.